Yoga Holidays: India, Nepal & Morocco Detox & Relaxation Yoga Weekends Yoga Holidays India

Yoga Holidays: India, Nepal & Morocco

These holidays are for those with a sense of adventure, for those who like travelling and sharing experiences with other like-minded people; for those who want to embrace new places, cultures, food, scenery and want to avoid major tourism. Add to this daily Yoga sessions (sunrise and sunset) in the most stunning locations and you may find your ideal holiday AND you don’t need to be a Yogi to join us.

Detox & Relaxation Yoga Weekends

Are you stressed? overworked, overloaded, overwhelmed or just need a relaxing break. Come and enjoy good fresh healthy food, fresh country air, good company, great yoga sessions to energise, calm, balance and relax. Go home feeling brand new and wonderful!

Yoga Holidays India

If you have always wanted to go to India, but never wanted to ‘go it alone’, these holidays are the perfect way to experience India for the first time.

Linda has been a qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher for over 25 years and runs regular Yoga Classes in Somerset and Cornwall. As well as teaching general weekly classes, Linda regularly gives talks and seminars on many aspects of yoga and runs weekend Yoga Retreats in the UK, yoga weekend workshops and Teacher Training workshops throughout the UK (In-Service Training Days).   For the past 10 years, Linda has been running a number of unique yoga holidays in Morocco, India, Nepal and the UK. These yoga holidays are for those with a sense of adventure, for those who like travelling and sharing experiences with other like-minded people. If your idea of a holiday is more than just sitting on the beach all day or sunning yourself at the hotel pool AND you love Yoga, then you may be interested to know more… Linda calls her style of Yoga, LindaYoga, being an eclectic mix from the many traditions in which she has trained and studied over the course of 30 years.  The main emphasis of her type of teaching is working with the flow of breath and movement to create balance and harmony.

Everyone has a body, everyone has potential, so Yoga is for all -    Namaste

Yoga Holidays

Holidays to stretch the Body, Expand the Mind and Soothe the soul. Find out about yoga holidays and retreats in IndiaYoga Holidays in Morocco or Yoga Retreats in the Uk – Cornwall, Somerset and Exmoor.


Yoga Classes

Linda runs a range of  Weekly Yoga Classes (including private one-to-one tuition and therapy) Yoga Days, Yoga Weekends and Training Courses available.


Yoga Weekends in the UK

Yoga Weekends are a great way to get further into your yoga practice and take you away from your everyday life to enjoy some ‘time out’and learn more about Yoga and how to develop your own Yoga practice.