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There are many definitions of the meaning of Yoga.  Originating 2 – 3000 years ago from the Indian continent, it was one of the six fundamental systems of thought, collectively know as Dharsana.  Dharsana means insight, point of view or a new way of understanding.  Another meaning might be to attain what was previously unattainable.  So simply, it brings about a change (for the better) in ourselves and this is not limited to the physical body but a change in the way of thinking (point of view).  Yoga aims to bring attention to ourselves on all levels and each change brings more peace, harmony and happiness into our lives.

One of the Great Yoga Masters of our day Sw. Satchidananda in his book ‘the Golden Present’ gives us this advice…………..

 ‘Dont think that Hatha Yoga is just for athletes or for young people. It is written in the ancient scriptures: ‘Anyone who practices yoga properly and sincerely becomes a siddha – an accomplished one – be he young or old, weak or strong, or even very elderly or sickly. From price to peasant, child to grandparent, ailing to robust – all can practice these yoga postures and get maximum benefit’.

IMG_1443We can see over and over again, reading many of the Classical Yoga texts from great Yoga Masters, that the teaching of Yoga and what are appropriate Yoga practices for each person,  relies on the skill and sensitivity of an experienced Yoga teacher, irrespective of age or fitness of the student. If you are young, fit and want to expend some energy and challenge your body to increase strength and flexibility, find an appropriate Yoga teacher.

touchtoesIf you are elderly, have never exercised before, obese, suffering from anxiety and stress,  or maybe you are chair bound and want to increase your mobility and body awareness to reduce some stiffness, find an appropriate Yoga teacher. If you want to learn the breathing techniques, learn the meditation techniques, learn the relaxation techniques…. find an appropriate Yoga Teacher. Anyone who comes to know Yoga will know that the physical aspect is but a small part of the whole.

 One of the great Yoga Masters once said, ‘anyone who can breath can practice Yoga’……………

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