Yoga Study Days

Yoga Study Days: For those who love Yoga and want to know more

Enrich your practice and understanding of Yoga and learn how to connect yoga to everyday life.

Who is the course for:  

These Yoga Study days, if attended for 10 consecutive sessions  will amount to a 60+ hour Yoga Course which will provide the necessary basic grounding for those who wish to go on to train as a Yoga Teacher.

Equally, it will provide an opportunity for people who have been practicing Yoga for at least a year, to widen their practical experience, deepen their understanding of many aspects of Yoga including History, Philosophy and Theory, and encourage personal development.

The Yoga Study Days are also valuable to already qualified Yoga Teachers to refresh their knowledge and inspire their own teaching.

Taught by Linda Morley who is a qualified British Wheel of Yoga teacher with over 25 years’ experience and also a qualified Trainer of Teachers.


With the structure of the Yoga  Study Days, it means you can study as much as you want or book for days for selected topics of your personal interest.

Key Areas of Study

  • Practice a range of Yoga Asanas safely, understanding different approaches to each posture
  • Learning the Sanskrit name for Yoga Techniques, including Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha, Cleansing Practices
  • Learning a range of breathing and relaxation techniques, including the full yoga breath.
  • Learning a variety of concentration/meditation techniques
  • Learning to plan simple personal Asana practice to meet own needs, based on sound principles of body usage, balanced content: using modifications and counter-poses as appropriate.
  • Learning about  Yoga Paths, Yoga traditions and Yoga teaching styles and learning to chant mantras.
  • Learning Yoga Philosophy and looking at important texts
  • Logging  personal progress throughout the course


  • No course running at present – contact me if you would like to join the next available course

Course Cost:10 Sessions paid in advance is just £525.00 OR Payment per session: £55. This includes all tuition, course material and refreshments for a full day. 

To book your place on one (or more) of these Yoga Study Days contact me.

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