India nov 2018 – Delhi to Varanasi

Delhi to Varanasi – November 2018


Delhi to Varanasi – what an amazing experience. As a yoga teacher I have wanted to go to India for many years but things got in the way, like bringing up 2 children, building a business and rebuilding a house. Finally with the children old enough to cope for two weeks without me, I saw Linda’s yoga holiday to Uttar Pradesh advertised and knew it was the right time and right place to go for it.


Linda was unflappable and an amazing organiser, guiding us through the alien landscape of cows, temples and negotiations over plans and costs and traffic.

The twelve women on this trip were full of life experiences and full of life and the combination was infectious. We became ‘Girls On Tour’.

From our arrival in the mad city of Delhi, through to old Colonial hotels in off the beaten tracks villages like Orchha, the quirky Karma Sutra temples of Khajuraho, the madness of Allahabad preparing for Kumbha Mela  next year and the awe inspiring spirituality of Varanasi, we laughed, we sang, we cried. We learnt and taught and shared and grew.

The physical yoga was but a small part of the overall trip- at sunrise and sunset we gathered where we could for an hour– on the roof of the hotel, in the garden, in a small conference room or by the side of the Ganges to stretch, to ponder, to breathe and to smile as we reflected on the day. A small but really significant part of being calm in the middle of the mayhem.

We came across a women’s festival by chance: thousands upon thousands of beautiful Saris gathered together to honour their Gods. They drew us in, allowing us to dance and to laugh with them, making offerings of food and water from the sacred river to their deities.

We took a silent rowing boat out onto the Ganges to witness the funeral pyres on the steps along the river bank just as the sun was rising: an unforgettable experience.

Be prepared to travel light, adapt to changes in the program, chat to your Indian neighbour on the train, be mistaken for Joanna Lumley just because of the colour of your hair and be emotional at the experiences you encounter almost every day.

Many of the women on this trip had been on LindaYoga holidays before, sometimes two, three, four or five before!

Thank you Linda, I will be back for another trip soon.

Louise Trew, Yoga Teacher, Dorset

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